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TrolleyM-truckfor outboard
boat motor

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Convenience for motor – comfort for your back!
Trolley for outboard motor in action
Benefits of M-truck trolley
1. Easy assembling
Minimum time is required to prepare the device for operation. It takes only 4 minutes to install wheels, assemble the base and fasten the main part of the device.
2. Compact size and portability
The device is equipped with a telescopic tube, which allows you to transport it folded in your trunk or boat and to store it in a limited space.
3. Motor mounting know-how
Possibility to mount the lower part of the boat motor on the M-truck base, fixing clamps to the transom. You do not have to tighten the clamps, which in its turn facilitates the process of anchoring the outboard motor.
4. Reliable construction
The device is made of a steel tube treated with hot-dip galvanizing to protect it from corrosion, and is equipped with a transom of laminated plywood with waterproof properties.
Mobility of M-truck trolley
Model range
The construction of M-truck trolley has high-strength features due to the use of square section made of high-quality materials that allow carrying outboard motors up to 90 kg. The innovative design solution is that you do not need to lift, carry, and move the outboard motor from the trolley to the transom of the boat and back.
M-truck (M1)
5 h.p
up to
20 h.p
Carrying capacity
M-truck (F)
20 h.p
up to
40 h.p
Carrying capacity
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Facilitates the loading of the motor
into the vehicle together with the trolley,
which allows you to roll it horizontally
on the plane without loading your back.
M-truck (FW)
The model can be either lightweight
or strengthened for any motor
with additional small wheels.
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Features and full description of M-truck trolley
are available in an electronic booklet
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Additional device
"M-truck M&B device"
to transport your boat
Lock to fix
the trolley
Two hooks to
fasten the boat
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Boat Transportation with M&B Device
Solid wheels
260 mm diameter
and 75 mm width
Zinc-plated/stainless steel
Load capacity:
up to 200 kg on two wheels
M-truck transom wheels
transom wheels for the PVC boat
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Boat transom wheels